Some useful links for reference, as we accumulate documents and spreadsheets, mostly due to Totty's proclivities. This are largely only visible to members.

Wits and Wagers

Wits and Wagers has gained a foothold in G&G and now has people clamouring to generate the questions for each G&G's incarnation. The queue of producers is here. Other sheets in that spreadsheet will collect the questions and answers after each event.

Challenge Coins

There are two references here:

  1. The Challenge Coin Rules

  2. The spreadsheet for outstanding check IOUs

You're doing what?

Steve put together an email to some people he worked with to explain what G&G was about.

Google Drive

There's a common folder for G&G files to be shared amongst the group here.

Community / Discussion

Once there was a Google+ community but Google took it away. Then it was Currents, but no-one used it. Now we have a Discord server and it is finally heavily used. No link here, you should know where to find it.