The Team

Who are the G&G guys?

Rob The Capital Aging well, Travelling   
Scott The Centroid Supplies, Baking   
Jeff The Centroid Injuries, Circvs Maximvs   
Earl The Centroid Ham, Words   
Steve The Centroid Logistics, Heart   
Totty The Centroid Tech, Circvs Maximvs   
Pete The Centroid Food, Art   
Mike The Island German, Hugs   
Colin The Island Gardening, Absenteeism   
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Mailing Lists

There are a few mailing lists created @ this domain. The appropriate checkboxes in the above list indicate who is on each list.

Associate members

Members with limited participation rights, sponsored by full members.

Sponsoring memberAssociate member
Colin Avery 
Earl Sean 
Jeff Connor 
Mike Mackenzie 
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